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John Flower and Pamela Leonard bear responsibility for all materials on this site.

Ceily Hamilton, Computing Consultant, College of Arts and Sciences, UNC Charlotte. Since 2002, Ceily has provided invaluable assistance on all technical aspects of this website.  She has also coordinated the help we have had from students at UNC-Charlotte.

Bob Bemis: Site redesign Fall 2006

James Heck:  Fall 2005. New web design.

Joseph Rutledge: 2004. Developed our first functioning interactive digital map.

Jason Edgecombe:  2004.  Further explorations on database development.

Sarah Khan: 2003.  Initial web design.           
Rafiuddin Khaja: 2003. Initial work on interactive digital mapping.
HIisham Abunora: 2003. Initial explorations on database development .

Saira Mazhar: Spring and Summer 2003. Digitized media.
Chassity Wickware: Spring 2002. Digitized media.