Gazetteer | Interactive Landscape Map | Image Map Collection


This section displays a variety of maps to help readers understand the spatial/historical Map of Ya'anrelations that are at the core of this ethnography of landscape. The Image maps sub-section includes maps from various historical periods that suggest changing conceptions of space. The GIS map uses satellite global positioning technology to create a topographic image of the North Road area with tags locating the major landscape features discussed in this ethnography. The clickable Gazatteer maps organize the landscape according to five historical periods (Ming dynasty and before, Qing dynasty, Nationalist period, Socialist period, Reform and after) and five types of features (god seat, infrastructure, public space, monument, natural feature), allowing readers to plot the evolution of the landscape over time. “Hot spots” on the maps link to pages dedicated to each of these landscape features, including an inventory of additional resources within this website refering to these sites.